How to ensure the machining accuracy of mechanical precision parts?

For many non-standard parts processing customers, in the choice of suppliers, the most concerned is the precision of mechanical precision parts processing. It is easy to find suppliers, but to find the right precision CNC machining center suppliers is difficult, must be cautious. In short, there is a risk of accuracy, processing needs to be cautious.

In the non-standard parts machining center, the processing process generally requires the use of more tools. In order to ensure the machining precision of precision parts, it is necessary to arrange the replacement sequence of cutting tools reasonably. The corresponding processing tool replacement is the processing order, the general process principle is to do the datum level first, and then punch, first rough and then fine point.


In the machining process of mechanical precision parts, the machining of datum surface is optimal, which provides a reference for the machining of other surfaces. The benchmark of the process positioning is the benchmark of the next process positioning. Therefore, when a non-standard parts processing of all the processes of the positioning benchmark determination, you can push forward the sequence of the entire processing process.

When arranging the machining sequence of mechanical precision parts, it must be clear whether non-standard parts need to be processed and processed. Pre-machining is also usually done by CNC lathes. If the workpiece coarse precision is high, positioning is also guaranteed, or the processing amount is sufficient, can be directly processed in the processing center, without preprocessing. This needs to consider the accuracy of the coarse benchmark and machining center process differences, can be several processes or a process to end.


Similarly, if the pretreatment surface and the machining center operating surface have different standard requirements, sufficient processing allowance must be reserved during the pretreatment. In the non-standard mechanical precision parts machining center in a clamping end, the pre-processed surface including all the processing content must also be included, in order to ensure the final precision of precision parts processing.

Post time: Jun-09-2021