How are precision parts processed? What are their processes?

As one of the products related to many industries, precision parts processing has always had outstanding effects in the production of human products. So what methods are used to process precision parts? What are the processes of their processing?


Broadly speaking, the machining of precision parts is generally machining, and machining is mainly divided into two categories: manual machining and CNC machining.

The so-called manual processing refers to the method of processing various materials by manual operation of milling machines, machines, drilling machines, and sawing machines by mechanical workers. This production method is more suitable for small batch and simple parts production.

The CNC machining refers to the use of CNC equipment for machining by mechanical workers, including machining centers, turning and milling centers, wire EDM equipment, thread cutting machines, etc. Compared with manual processing, CNC processing products are more accurate, and it is most suitable for processing some complex and large number of parts. Now many parts processing brands in the industry are converting from manual processing to CNC processing.


Generally speaking, the machining process refers to the entire process of making finished products from raw materials or semi-finished products. From the perspective of machine production, it includes the transportation and storage of raw materials, the preparation of product production, the manufacture of blanks, the processing and heat treatment of parts, product assembly, and debugging, painting and packaging. The content of the process is very broad and can be divided into many aspects. The process is one of them. When the product is produced, the process of changing the shape and size of the production object to make it a finished or semi-finished product can be called a process. In many mechanical processing processes, the process can be It’s a very important part. Casting, forging, stamping, welding, machining, assembly, etc. can all be regarded as part of the process.

Post time: Sep-21-2020