Do numerical control industry so many years, what is CNC?

  Computer digital control machine tool is a kind of automatic machine tool with program control system. The control system can logically process and decode the program with control code or other symbolic instructions, so that the machine can move and process parts.

History of CNC development:
  Since MIT developed the first CNC machine tool in the world in 1952, CNC machine tools have been widely used in manufacturing industry, especially in automobile, aerospace and military industry. CNC technology has developed rapidly both in hardware and software.


  Machining center was originally developed from CNC milling machine. The first machining center was first developed by Carney trek in 1958. On the basis of a variety of horizontal drilling and milling machine, the automatic boring and reaming process can be realized. Since the 1970s, the machining center has developed rapidly, and the replaceable headstock machining center has appeared. It is equipped with a number of automatically replaceable multi spindle headstock with cutting tools, which can process the workpiece at the same time.


Features: compared with ordinary machine tools, CNC machine tools have the following features:
  It has high machining precision and stable machining quality; it can carry out multi coordinate linkage and process complex parts; when machining parts change, it generally only needs to change the numerical control program, which can save production preparation time; the machine tool itself has high precision and rigidity, which can select favorable processing amount, with high productivity (generally 3 ~ 5 times of ordinary machine tool); the machine tool has high degree of automation It can reduce the labor intensity; it has higher requirements for the quality of operators and higher technical requirements for maintenance personnel.

Post time: Jan-04-2021