1.Order Receip

After the customer places an order, our engineers will discuss the mold structure and technical solutions with the buyer. We will work hard to avoid unnecessary errors in the mold, and provide our customers with the highest quality products.

2.Mold Design

When designing the mold, you should pay attention to make the structure of the mold and parts reasonable. The mold affects the shape, configuration, quality and stability of the product during the die casting process. Reasonable mold design is easy to manufacture and it can increase efficiency and production time.

3.Mold Design Modification

Our company's professionals evaluate the mold design and make recommendations for modifications before finalizing and manufacturing. We will first confirm the manufacturability of a particular design and improve the mold if needed. Take advantage of a variety of foundry metals and processes to create products that meet the ultimate requirements.

4. Mold production

GrandĀ Machinery has multiple die casting machines ranging from 60 to 800 tons. We have 60 to 400 ton forging presses, and 180 to 800 ton gravity die casting machines, as well as the traditional foundry die casting process, all kinds of products can be produced.

5.Die Casting

The molten metal is pressed under pressure into a firmly locked metal mold cavity. It is then held by a powerful press until the metal solidifies. After the metal has set, the casting is taken out. Close the mold and lock it again for the next cycle.


Die casting trim dies cut or shear extra aluminum from die cast parts. When the trimming mold is forced down, excess metal in the part is cut away to provide a clean edge to the part.

7.Precision Machining

Ningbo Grand Machinery Co., Ltd has in-house CNC machining shop to provide customer precision machining service after aluminum die casting and zinc die casting. Till 2019, Ryan has over 6 sets of cnc turning machines and four- axis cnc machine centers.


Cleaning is a different process performed to remove sand, scale and excess metal from the casting. Remove burnt sand and scales. Remove excess metal fins, wires, parting fins and gates. And finally test and check to see if there are any defects.


We will place the finished castings in a standard wooden box. Ensure that the product is not damaged. We can also provide customized packaging services according to the special requirements of our customers.