1. Order acceptance, review drawings

After the customer places the order, our engineers will analyze the product quantity, equipment conditions, and worker technology according to the drawings or the actual samples received to determine the process. Secondly, analyze the part drawing and product assembly drawing, check the accuracy and detailed size of the product, and conduct a detailed process analysis of the part. Write a more reasonable process and operation method into a process file in accordance with the prescribed form, archive and guide production.

2. Roughing first

Rough machining may include blank manufacturing, grinding, etc. According to the drawings or samples provided by the customer, first determine the processes and processes that need to be completed initially.

3. Finishing

Followed by finishing, the process is divided into turning, fitter, milling machine, etc. Our engineers will determine the machining allowance of each process, and each step needs detailed data, such as how much roughness must be achieved and how much tolerance must be achieved.

4.Surface treatment

Based on the drawings, our engineers will determine if the product requires surface treatment. We can provide various surface treatments: sand blasting, polishing, grinding, blasting, wire drawing, anodizing, electroplating, hardening, radium engraving, painting, electrophoresis, passivation, plastic spraying, etc., to provide customers with one-stop service .


Cleaning is a different process performed to remove sand, scale and excess metal from the products. Remove burnt sand and scales. Remove excess metal fins, wires, parting fins and gates. And finally test and check to see if there are any defects.

6. Inspection process

The inspection process is the main auxiliary process. After the completion of each process, as well as after the important processes and all the processing, before entering the warehouse, we will arrange inspection personnel to carry out the inspection process.


We will place the finished castings in a standard wooden box. Ensure that the product is not damaged. We can also provide customized packaging services according to the special requirements of our customers.