Grand Machinery is committed to manufacturing custom metal products for the OEM market. Products are widely used in engineering, infrastructure construction, machinery and equipment, auto parts, medical equipment, furniture hardware and so on. Since its establishment in 2010, it has served many domestic and foreign companies, exported to the United States, Japan, Italy, Brazil and other countries, improve the design and save costs for customers, establish stable cooperative relations with customers.

Years of accumulated technology

Experienced team

We consist of an experienced team who will track and assist you in every aspect and step of your project. We have 4 engineers, 12 operators, 3 quality control personnel and 4 sales personnel. Our sales team is proficient in English and Chinese and provides instant response within 12 hours. Engineers have more than 10 years of processing experience. The quality control personnel will track the process of the product at any time and form a test report. The operators are professional operators with more than 5 years of front-line operation experience.

1. We can design and modify products or drawings according to customer requirements.

2.We can make drawings for customers based on their samples

We stand at the customer's standpoint at any time, and will provide regular molds within 35 days and quotes within 3 working days; if you have urgent requests or emergencies in production, we will help you 24 hours a day.

Our production line consists of CNC lathes, CNC machining centers (three and four axes), 60 to 400 ton forging presses, 180 to 800 ton die casting machines, intelligent machinery and equipment. We are able to provide customers all around the world with a variety of different metal materials for non-ferrous metal forging, gravity die casting, sand casting and precision machining of large, medium and small series.

Advanced production equipment

Provide integrated casting + machining services

From mold design-mold forming-precision machining-surface treatment-finished products, we provide integrated services and provide competitive prices. Through lean manufacturing practices, we achieve high machine utilization at all levels and reduce waste.


Rigorous testing attitude

Complete testing equipment

During the casting and processing, we must carefully inspect and record every step to avoid problems such as the solidity, surface finish, mechanical properties and final dimensions of the finished product. At the same time, in order to ensure the quality of the product, quality control must also be performed before delivery.

We provide a variety of product testing services, and are equipped with special testing rooms such as product hardness testers, spectrometers, and ultrasonic testers. We use destructive and non-destructive testing designs to find product defects and provide customers with the highest quality products.




Surface treatment:

We can apply various surface treatments to the products : Anodizing,electroplating, hardening, radium carving

Not only are we limited to our various internal production processes, we can also provide a variety of highly competitive outsourcing units to meet the various surface treatment needs of customers.

We can perform various surface treatments on the products: sandblasting, polishing, grinding, shot blasting, wire drawing, anodizing, electroplating, hardening, laser engraving, painting, electrophoresis, passivation, plastic spraying, etc. Service.



One-stop service

Save time for customers

From concept to finished product

Comprehensive logistics services

In order to maximize the overall cost-effectiveness, we provide customers with comprehensive logistics services, including door-to-door transportation, direct transportation, VIM, etc.

Our goal is to make our customers more efficient in procurement, quality control, and logistics, thereby improving the efficiency of our customers' supply chain management and reducing overall costs.